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Salvation Message

Shirley Lise


"And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."  Acts 2:21

"Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” John 3:3


     According to scripture, all people are conceived and born with a sinful nature. God is a holy God and sin and God are not compatible, therefore, this sin state separates mankind from God.  Unless you have done what you need to do to come into right relationship with God and his purposes for your life, you remain estranged, cut off from Him, and in a sense, remain an orphan.  Unless you open the book written by those inspired by God’s Holy Spirit, the Holy Bible, to read of the destiny God planned for you even before the foundation of the world was put in place, you remain unenlightened and your life reflects it.  But there is hope.  There is a way that you can come into right relationship with a holy God.  It is through His son, Jesus.

     Scripture says that Jesus came to set the captives free, that He died and rose again from the grave, conquering sin, death, and hell.  Because God loved us, and because His will is that none should perish, He sent His son to take the penalty for sin, exempting us from the punishment of death as judgement by a holy God.  Jesus' death was a sacrifice for our sin. It paid the penalty that would have been ours, and made a way for mankind to be reunited with God, the Heavenly Father, the creator of all things. 

     Jesus death paid the price for our sinful nature and for the sins we have committed, and as we accept His sacrifice and repent of our sins, we are forgiven by the Heavenly Father and are welcomed back into right relationship with Him.  We become His sons and daughters, and have access through prayer into His throneroom.

 Jesus stated the following:


 “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.”  John 14:13-14

     But there is more.  As sons and daughters of God, re-united with our Heavenly Father, we have the opportunity to enter into an abundant life.  As we receive salvation from our sinful nature, we take on a new nature, and become a “new creation” in Christ Jesus.

     At this point you might be wondering how you can come into right relationship with the Heavenly Father.  Because Jesus was equally God, holy and righteous, his death on the cross was a sufficient sacrifice for your sin.  By believing in Him as the Son of God and in the sacrifice He made for you, you can be born again and brought into right relationship with Him.  Accept Him into your heart today and ask Him to give you His spirit to live in you, teach you, counsel you, and lead you into His truth.  If you are ready to make this commitment, pray the following prayer:

      Dear Heavenly Father, I am sorry for my sin.  I want to come into right relationship with you, your son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  Please forgive me, fill me with your Spirit, and bring me into the benefits that are mine in Christ Jesus.  I thank and praise you, in Jesus’ name.

The following handbooks will give you more information on the benefits of being in Christ and understanding of the realm of the Kingdom of God. Click the "Buy Now" button for a direct link to Amazon channels.

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     YOU NEED GOD! is a concise exercise in being reminded of the benefits of being in right relationship with a holy and loving God.  It gives hope to the one struggling in despair and opens the door to a way out. 

     Presenting relevant scripture references pointing to God’s desire to redeem lives and clarify life’s purpose, YOU NEED GOD! is good news in a pocket-sized guide to those looking for answers in this stress-filled world we live in today.

     THE KINGDOM OF GOD Guidebook for new Christians is a short Bible study for those who have just recently accepted Jesus as their savior.  It introduces the new believer to the Kingdom of God of which Jesus spent three years of His ministry teaching. 

     Highlighting Jesus’ message of how, through a spiritual rebirth, a “born again” believer becomes an heir of this kingdom as it continues to be ushered into the earth, as well as elaborating on the benefits of being a partaker, this guidebook will inspire and encourage the new believer to take further steps to learn of his/her new citizenship in God’s kingdom.